Welcome to Wonderland...

A world where swarms of birds, intrepid rabbits and lush forests meet. We are pleased to present you today the pieces of this new collaboration with Nathalie Lété, a multi-talented and multi-media artist.

Who is Nathalie Lété?

Nathalie Lété was born in 1964 in Paris to a Czech-German mother and a Chinese father. She has worked in all fields, from painting to lithography, illustration, textiles and ceramics. A falsely naïve and melancholy childlike universe, Nathalie Lété plunges us into the heart of an ocean full of sweetness, which will please both children and adults.

On the left, Nathalie Lété and on the right, Karin Maillard, founder of Minikane, in the artist's studio.

The story of a meeting

Karin Maillard has long been an admired artist and Nathalie Lété has placed her trust in her for this poetic and summery collaboration.

Worlds made to meet...

Between a love of nature and a passion for the world of children, these two worlds, so different and yet so close, create a collection that is both refreshing and inspiring.

on the edge of the woods, discover them

Enchanted prints

Little Birds

The Kingdom of Birds

The Rabbits

Chapter 1

Let's walk in the woods

Discover our pushchairs, doll carriers and prams for a walk off the beaten track.

Chapter 2

Lunch (and nap) on the grass

Discover our accessories dedicated to meals and naps. Blaise chair, baskets, Joe playpen, take the time to rest in the shade of the chestnut trees.

Un brin d’exotisme

Les Lits Jambi

Chapter 3

Closing the day in style

Discover a summer dressing room to celebrate our newfound freedom! Romper retro Lou, Daisy dress or Romper Noa, they will fit perfectly on their Wendy clothes rack.

The frou-frou touch

Retro Lou's Wading Suit

Because it's always better with two

The Nathalie Lété x Minikane duo t-shirts

to be continued...

At a glance...

Whole collection Minikane x Nathalie Lété